Thursday, June 14, 2012

Design Tips for Summer

- You can begin with an “End of Spring Clean”

- Clean out all heavy rugs, curtains, thick blankets and dark colored accessories.

- Replace your old dark accessories with bright, light colored pillows, rugs, lamps and fresh flowing shear curtains.

- Colorful Art Work, Photography Art, Patterns and Prints are a great way to create contrasts and points of interest in your home.

- Great summer colors are white, baja blue, coral reef orange, flamingo pink, roseship purple,angora orange, butternut yellow, aqua sky blue, shimmery mist, banana seed yellow, electric teal, and aqua sky blue.

- Add mirrors to your place to reflect light in the room and make the space appear larger.

- Bring in Nature- decorate with plants and flowers to add life to the space. Hint: they don’t have to be real

- Multi-changing Light Spheres can be added to your pool and back yard to add light and color in the summer nights

- Floating Candles in the pool or in bowls on tables creates a play of brilliants in your outdoor spaces

- Use the color white to make your space appear larger and add accents of bright colors to attract the eye.

- Neon colors are on trend this season, add an electric pop of color with decorative accessories.

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